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If you play the game World of Warcraft, you are familiar with the situation with a lack of silver or gold, as well as a long leveling of the craft. We present you a tool that will make your game in World of Warcraft more comfortable.

The main advantages of the bot: Fishing in any area for any loot. Bot is emulate User actions.

World of Warcraft Bot Working on ALL Official and most of Private Servers

What World of Warcraft Bot Do

Our World of Warcraft Bot Can Do Many Things

Not detect

Full User-Emulation in order to prevent Game Shield or Another Player detection.

Rod Fishing

Lure Use

Bot pause/ unpause by Timers

Stop after inventory is Full

Clean Inventory

Easy Setup

Setup bot by 5 minutes. Anyone can customize to fit your needs.


Bot is translate on English, Russian


Bot is support ALL Official Servers

Up To Date

All updates/patches are included for FREE! and will always be downloadable from your account.

Live Support

You can always be contacted by Discord, Forum, E-mail or Skype and we will help you on any of the issues in real time.

Payment & Delivery

Secure Payment, Instant Delivery, Various methods of payment

How Get World of Warcraft Bot

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World of Warcraft Bot


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